Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Services


The Aveiro mass spectrometry center is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the most modern instrumentation in mass spectrometry.

The mass spectrometry center is equipped with a Thermo Qexactive mass spectrometer with electrospray and nanoelectrospray sources, Applied Biosystems 4800 Proteomics Analyzer (TOF/TOF) mass spectrometer, a Thermo LXQ mass spectrometer with electrospray and nanoelectrospray sources, a Micromass QTOF 2 with electrospray, nanoelectrospray and APCI sources, a Dionex 3000 Ultimate nano LC and a Waters 2690 HPLC. The HPLC systems can be integrated with either the QTOF 2, the LXQ or a LC Packings Probot auto sampler. The Probot can spot the eluent directly onto a MALDI target plate, for MALDI MS/MS analysis. This center is also equipped with general laboratory equipment like 2D gel electrophoresis systems, refrigerated centrifuges, refrigerators, speedvac, etc. A Micromass Quattro triple quadrupole, and a Thermo GC-MS are also available in the Department of Chemistry.


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Mass spectrometry analysis of organic molecules

  • ESI MS and MS/MS
  • Exact Mass measurements within 25 ppm of small molecules

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  • Protein identification by nanoHPLC-Q exactive ESI-MS and MS/MS

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