Speakers ,


• Ana Moreira (Department of Chemistry & QOPNA, University of Aveiro)

• Angelina Palma (REQUIMTE, Department of Chemistry, FCT/UNL)

• Alexandre Ferreira (IPATIMUP, University of Porto)

• Joaquim Ferreira (Izasa Scientific)

• Manuel A. Coimbra (Department of Chemistry & QOPNA, University of Aveiro)

• Pier Parpot (Centre of biological engineering, University of Minho)

• Elisabete Costa (Department of Chemistry & QOPNA, University of Aveiro)

Scientific Program ,


14h15| Registration
14h30| Opening session

14h45| Ana Moreira, UA
Mass spectrometry-based analytical strategies for the structural analysis of glycans

15h00| Angelina Palma, UNL
Unravelling glucan recognition systems by glycome microarrays and mass spectrometry

15h30| Alexandre Ferreira, IPATIMUP
Glycoproteomics insights envisaging bladder cancer precision medicine

15h45| Joaquim Ferreira, Izasa Scientific
GC-MS: basic principles, differentiation to other techniques and application fields

16h00 | Coffee break

16h30| Manuel A. Coimbra, UA
Structural characterization of carbohydrates by GC-MS

17h00| Pier Parpot, UM
Electrochemical transformation of some readily available carbohydrates: analysis of reaction products

17h30| Elisabete Costa, UA
Bioprospection of glycolipids from macroalgae using mass spectrometry based approaches

17h45| Concluding remarks
18h00| Closing session


18th May

Pict AVEIRO 2016

Department of Chemistry
University of Aveiro

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